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Nature's Kind Nutrition

Natural Lung Support - with HERBS for Bronchial Wellness & Clearer Breathing

Natural Lung Support - with HERBS for Bronchial Wellness & Clearer Breathing

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Give your lungs the tools they need to function properly with Nature’s Kind Lung Support. Breathe clear and comfortably everyday with a power-packed formula designed to bring relief to everyday difficulties. From painful coughs, to inflamed and constricted airways, improve the function of your lungs with just a couple safe and convenient capsules. Start relieving the stress on your lungs today, for easier breathing tomorrow. 

Advanced Formula: 

  • Bronchial Wellness: Lemongrass is used to reduce the swelling of the bronchi, protect it from future infection, and help the lungs function correctly. 
  • Easier Breathing: While battling inflammation and swelling, the powerful formula includes lagundi to relieve constricted airways, making every breath effortless again. 
  • All Natural Herbs and Foods: Using 5 Herbs and superfoods, the all natural formula keeps your whole body healthy while protecting the lungs. 
  • Detox & Cleanse: Support clean, functional lungs that are free from toxins and harmful bacteria with Nature’s Kind Natural Lung Support .


You can always trust that what you read on a Nature's Kind label is what you will find in the bottle. Every ingredient was carefully selected, formulated, and combined by a team of professionals to achieve maximum potency and efficiency.

The natural formula features ancient remedies for healing, including lagundi, sambong, lemongrass, papaya and jackfruit. Reduce the discomfort in coughs, relax constricted airways, ease inflammation, and provide your lungs with the vitamins and nutrients they need. Never before has it been so easy to take care of your body than now.

All Natural Ingredients:

Made from four powerful herbs, the natural formula uses ancient remedies without added chemicals or fillers.

- Lagundi
- Sambong
- Lemongrass
- Papaya Fruit
- Jack Fruit

Suggested Use:
Take 2 capsules daily after breakfast

With 90 capsules in each bottle, one Nature’s Kind Immune System Support supplement bottle should last 45 days. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

Standard Delivery: For local items, you can expect your item within 2-4 working days. Shipping fee is determined by the total size/weight of the products purchased.

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By partnering with local Filipino farmers and workers, we contribute to a more sustainable environment while helping our economy.

  • Clean

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty free

  • GMO free

Natural Ingredients

We offer a variety of custom curated products, all hand selected for their quality and value and each one guaranteed to be organic and the most natural herbal supplements available.